Wednesday, April 13, 2005

UN nuclear treaty?

Today on there was an article about how the U.N. approved a global treaty against the possession and intent to use radioactive material. Is this important? What difference is this going to make in the fight on terror? I can't believe that any of the countries in the U.N. didn't already have laws agaist people trying to use radioactive material to harm others. I mean shouldn't there already be a law signed by the U.N. saying something to the effect of: using anything, be it radioactive or not, with the intention of hurting someone else is illegal? This is a strange world. My guess is that this new treaty will not change the minds of terrorists trying to purchase radioactive material what-so-ever. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that it is a bad idea to force countries to adopt laws such as this and I am definately not anti-U.N. but this just seems like a show rather than actual action against the acquisition and use of nuclear weapons.


Katarzyna said...

Well, Andrew I think I see your piont. Politics, however is in 90% game of words and show of power and it is very imoprtant to make clear some things and make the "signal" explicit. Nuclear treaty had not so much practical meaning but rather it was a reminder that UN "is there" and as national community has a stand point on the matter. That would be how I see it!

Andrew said...

I agree that politics is 90% a game of words and I also agree it is important for the world to show that it is against nuclear weapons, it just seemed to me that something like this would be so blatantly obvious though that there would be no need to create such a treaty and waste time and money going through bureaucracy to create some legislation that effectively does nothing and shows the world what we already knew: nuclear weapons are dangerous and we shouldn't use them.

Katarzyna said...

I see, I see and of course you are right. We need to remeber though that unfortunately in this world what is so blatantly obvious for me and you might not be so clear for others.