Saturday, April 30, 2005

Offically Nerds!

My friend Luke and I decided it was a good idea to have a BBQ at my appartment. That went all fine and dandy but what happened afterwards is for the history books. Maybe a list is the best way to run through the mistakes that were made that night. In order of occurence:

1. Purchased a fifth of vodka (potato vodka so at least we had some class).
2. Purchased a bottle of wine.
3. Luke brought a half rack of beer.
4. All of that alcohol was consumed, mostly between Luke and I. The girls had some beer and a little vodka.
5. The girls left to go to a bar leaving us on our own.
6. We decided it was a good idea to record a rap album.
7. Using GarageBand on my iMac G5 with a new microphone plugged in we recorded 5 songs.
8. Luke puked.
9. 5 am rolled around and we had just finished up track 5 and we were working on the piano line for the next track.
10. Luke puked some more and then convinced me he was okay to drive because he puked out all the alcohol. I am not smart.
11. I passed out on the couch.
12. I got up for work at 9:00 am giving me a good 3 hour night of sleep.
13. Before going to work I recorded the rap for the final track, number six.
14. Decided to share this with the world by posting a couple of our incredibly bad, white-boy, can't sing, really can't free-style, especially after finishing a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine and some beers, raps.

In our defense it is pretty difficult to come up with something to say that rhyms. Everything in these raps was free style at first but we would mess up occasionally so we would re-record and we basically knew what we were going to say at that point. The only parts that were writen out were the chorus lines (if you can call it that).
So here are the links (Warning: this is really, really, bad rap, by two white boys who have never rapped before) Rap_2, Rap_3, Rap_5, Rap_6
Rap_5, Rap_6

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