Friday, January 06, 2006

Sodalicium Cordatus

I came across this on the web and thought it would be cool to be apart of. The site was no longer active so it must have been indexed at some point and was in another language but here are some pieces I was able to put together from it.

Sodalicium Cordatus
Society of the Wise

Removal of religion and spreading knowledge of the natural world is the goal
Power of the order and sodalis is necessary to reach the goal
The goal cannot be attained with violence
There is no leadership, all are equal
Recruit those with money or power
All forms of power are useful

Anyone want to join me and start the US branch of the Society of the Wise?

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iNewton said...

Lets do it. We can start on each side of the coast and work our way into the middle.

How's it going dude?