Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hilarious Jokes told by Albert Einstein

I was going through and wandered upon a little jem of blog post about science jokes. At the bottom of the post was a link to Jokes With Einstein. I watched these flash animations and laughed my ass off... probably because I am such a science nerd myself. I highly recomend watching these little animations in order, make sure not to watch number 4 first because it is a surprise ending. The hilarious joke that posted was this:
A physicist, a chemist, and a biologist get together for a few drinks, and get to talking about life, the Universe, and everything. Eventually the conversation turns to relationships, and what the ideal way to arrange relationships between the sexes would be.

The biologist says "Well, as a believer in evolution, I feel that every person should sleep with as many other people as possible, in order to provide the greatest range of potential diversity for natural selection to work on."

The chemist says, "No, no, no- that's all wrong. There are some bonds that are just too strong to break, and the marriage bond is one of those. Everyone should be strictly monogamous."

They both turn to the physicst, who says, "Well, I think I'd sort of split the difference between those. I think every man should have one wife, and one mistress, and furthermore, each should be aware of the other."

The other two are absolutely boggled. "Why in the world would you want that?," they ask.

"Well," he says, "That way, if I wasn't with my wife, she would assume I was with my mistress. And if I wasn't with my mistress, she would assume I was with my wife. then I could go in the lab and get some work done."


Amber said...

Post something new and interesting for people to get riled up about, so I can mock them.

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