Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dreams are Nature's Way of Making the World Interesting

Yesterday was incredibly hectic, because a bunch of mice were ready for cancer injections so I had to get ready to deal with 25 mice. I had to inject them with cancer under the skin and I felt so bad about it because they whined and squirmed, trying to get away... if only they knew it would be a lot less painfull if they just sat still! So yeah, one of my dreams dealt with mice but I really don't remember much of it. One dream I had involved me dropping around 13 hits of acid with my friends Troy, Rachel and Brent, and I thought that if I looked at the shadow of a butterfly that I could float. Eventually I learned to fly as long as the shadow was in front of me. Rachel was taking pictures of the whole event and it turns out I was just running in circles pointing at the floor. While I was high Brent and I tried running across the support wires of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco but it turns out that he was just puking all over the floor at my house and I was hysterically laughing at him. I eventually woke up from that and then immediately started dreaming that time was not a linear forward function but was, in fact, a just another dimesion that can be traversed in any direction. The idea was that time is similar to light and all matter, for that matter, in that it has a wave quality to it, the waves are so huge though that they can not be detected very easily. To prove the wave quality of time I hooked up an old Nintendo to an ocillating timer that would cause the game to fade in and out and slowly everyone around me somehow realized my theory was correct and that we could travel back in time or way forward into time, as well as time went in other directions not just the typical forward or backward but an infinit number of possible pathways throughout history have been continuously played out through time. By messing around with the Nintendo and the timer we could go anywhere at any time. When we got where we were going though we found that we were actually inside a video game. I think at this time in the dream I was trying to convincing my friend to try to fly a 256-pixel jet for an air show, he eventually tried it and crashed causing a lot of trouble. At about this point the dream became too strange to remember but altogether it seemed really incredible and I thought I should write it down.

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