Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Welcom Ian

Ian is the newest admin to help work on This Life and Time so pay close attention to see how his posts are sure to add another level interest and open the doors to relevant discussion. We now have three intelligent and intriguing editors for this blog and I am extremely excited to see where this will lead and how new discussions will develop.


Anonymous said...

hey, maybe you guys can put together a cursorary history of political theory? some of the topics of discussion here are a little over my head. :(

i am sure i can't be the only who would benefit from a little theory 101?

i mean, what is the difference between marxism and communism? where does socialism fit in? is it sort of the same thing or what?

Wigginton said...

Yes, please explain. It's either that or looking stuff up on Wikipedia and we all know that can't be too educational.

Ian said...

Nice idea. I'll try to link to explanations of various terms or events as I write about them. Of course, this is assuming I won't be putting down a glass of scotch and completely forgetting how to hyperlink. Then again, this is assuming I'm not just making stuff up as I write.