Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Million Dollar Ideas

I'm tired of getting up at 8am to go to work. I want to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want, but in order to do that I need a lot of money and in order to get a lot of money I have to work. So I've been trying to come up with some ideas on how to limit the amount of work and maximize the amount of money I make. Here is a short list of some, potential, million dollar ideas I have:

1. Sell t-shirts with 3D stereograms printed on them, like Magic Eye posters, where if you cross your eyes and stare at it long enough a 3D image of breasts pops out. Each shirt: $15. Only need to sell 66,666 of them to make a million bucks, and I'm sure there would be a demand much larger than that for such a sweet shirt. Okay, this one might not make me a millionaire but I would love to see that shirt on a girl some day.

2. Culturing autologous keratinocyte stem cells isolated from plucked hairs of the temporal region to be injected back into the scalp to regrow hair for alopecia and burn victims. The cells can also be used for skin grafts. This is a person by person procedure, similar to plastic surgery only non-invasive and no surgical procedures would need to be done only plucking hairs and small intradermal injections of cells. Price per person: $5000. So 200 people would need to be treated before $1,000,000 was made. To cover the cost of setting up a lab to culture the cells and an office to perform the injections about 220 people would need to be treated. Seems easy enough. That would be 1 person per day so in less than one year I could have $1,000,000. There are roughly 6 billion people in the world, 3 billion are men, 2.25 billion men go bald by age 80, 1.5 billion by age 40, 750 million by age 30. A large fraction of women begin to lose hair later in life also. So lets say I was able to treat two people per day working 200 days per year I could have $10 million in 5 years. Not bad. The down side: I would have to hire an MD and the the FDA would have to okay the procedure which takes years and plenty of clinical trials, and requires money. I could, however, do this from my garage easily, black market style, and charge $7000 instead.

3. Create a comedy cartoon where the characters are derived from images of funny graffiti and drawings found while walking the streets of the greater Boston area. There is already Snowman and Freddy and I'm sure in the days to come I will find a lot more.


Anonymous said...

4.) fire pit backpack: a fire you wear when it is cold.

andrew's best idea. ever.

Andrew said...

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that idea. Genius. Who posted that?

Anonymous said...

5.) a cran-mountain dew drink called "Ruby Dew"--not to be confused the indie rock band The Ruby Doe.

andrew's 3rd or 4th best idea. ever.

Anonymous said...

6.) a bar andrew fashions out of driftwood with his own two hands on a beach of his choosing in Hawaii. This bar will be called "The Drift On Inn"--not to be confused hundreds of other bars scattered across the country with the same name, not built by andrew out of driftwood.

6(a). If need be, the Drift On Inn could also offer surf lessons. Andrew himself once took a surf lesson, and has, over the years, occasionally purchased "Surf Magazine." Accordingly, he is well qualifed to instruct others.

6(b). Andrew once suggested starting a Nirvana cover band. I am sure the Drift On Inn will be an excellent vehicle for this endeavor as well.

Andrew said...

I've told everyone I am going to Hawaii for Christmas this year because my family decided it would be more fun than dealing with the Christian rituals surround the the 25th of Dec. However, in truth I was going to start building the Drift on Inn, which would serve drinks such as "Dew Of The Elephant's Trunk", a concoction of Ruby Dew with a shot of peanut butter liquor–another invention I thought would be good while drunk. Maybe I can think of a better name than that though because it sounds a little too suggestive.

jerems said...

I always was partial to the beer carb. An extra tab that is pulled out above the mouth of a beer can that is a carb, so there is no glugging when drinking, and gets people drunker faster. We all know we don't have enough ways of doing that, and we just need to get the Brewing Companies on board

Andrew said...

That's genius. Of course for someone like you that carries around a knife at all times of the day and under your pillow at night I don't see what the problem is with a normal can of beer. You can just stab a hole in it.