Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Pictures

From top left to bottom right:
1. Ben, Jeremy, me, and Ari; Gangster, Carl (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Che Guevara, Hermione (Harry Potter).
2. Ari, Paula, Heather, Jeremy, Ian, Lisa, Ben; Paula was a witch, Ian was a Vietnam vet, and Lisa was Snow White.
3. Andrew Rossa, Beatrice aka Bea. I don't remember what they were.
4. Ben, Paula.
5. Ian.
6. Heather.
7. Jeremy.
8. Hui fai, Jeremy, Danny; Hui Fai was Princess Toadstool and Danny was Mario.

Thanks Jeremy for the first and last picture.


Andrew said...

You were wondering what we about drunk as shit

Andrew said...

That's a pretty good costume. I like to dress up like that all the time.

Wigginton said...

Oh man it looks like we are just commenting to ourselves...ok this is better now. I am beginning to embrace the whole Wigginton thing anyway.

Andrew said...

Well it's about time! You should have embraced the Wigginton name a long time ago, right about the time that Wigginton let a ball slip though his glove and tripped on the way to first base during the Red Socks v. Devil Rays game this summer. It was at that point that he became an icon and a hero to Jeremy and I, you should be honored to carry the name.