Friday, June 02, 2006

Voting Fraud

If you haven't read this already then read it. Rolling Stone: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

A lot of the article you've already probably heard about but it goes into a fairly good amount of detail as to how voting fraud, of so many shapes and sizes, was committed. If you were at all like me after the 2004 election you were dismayed at how Bush could have possibly won. I spent hours in front of my computer for weeks after the election reading about fraud charges that were arising due mostly to electric balloting machines and the possibility of politically motivated hacks into them. This article shows that there was so much more done to influence the vote to come out in Bush's favor that it makes me sick to my stomach...all over again. President Bush is such an appallingly vile president, if not the worst in the history of the US, that him and his administration need to be ousted and fast.

With the midterm elections coming this November we need to do whatever it is we can to make sure incidents like this do not continue.


faceyboy said...

Go to google images then type "impeach bush" The variety is pretty funny.

christophre said...

it helps if you read it with a british accent.