Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Progression of Paint

I took up the hobby of acrylic painting a while ago and I painted about three paintings on canvas that were really terrible. Bob Ross made it look so easy! Well, finally, I am actually enjoying a new painting that I am currently working on and I think the end product will turn out nicely. This time I decided to have a little patience and do the painting coat by coat, each time adding a little more detail to the image. It has taken me several days to get to where I am now, which is probably about 30-40% complete. I thought it might be fun to let others see the progression of my painting from here on out so I took a picture of it in it's partially done state and I will continue to take more pictures as it gets closer and closer to being finished so you can see the steps it takes to create an acrylic painting using my style of painting (I assume it is my own style since I was never taught how to paint). This painting is of the Charles River and it is done by memory so it probably isn't recognizable but it really is supposed to be the Charles. So here it is, click on it for a larger image. Charles River Painting

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faceyboy said...

Man I gots to get my hands on a print.