Saturday, May 20, 2006

THC and Ethanol Flow Through My Brain

Well I woke up this morning and read a bit of nonsense that I wrote when I was stoned and drunk late last night. If you can muster the courage to read it then I suggest you read it with a British accent; it seems all that much more ridiculous.

The world came to a, a… well I don’t think I can remember what, exactly, it is that I was talking about. Do I sound British in your thoughts? Do I come off as, ah well, it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I have a temper about me but it never pans out too much––if you know what I mean by that then you can join my club. The intricate came as a flood over the walls of the Parthenon. I was worried but the worry subsided and gave way to utter fear after only twelve days. I was of course talking about the silicone atoms floating there next to an oxygen and then, blam! Boob the world.

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