Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Couple Bad Dreams and One Bad Day: Analyze This Freud

Dream 1:
Someone was trying to poison me with a highly contagious and deadly microbe. I had received word of the assassination attempt through government sources outside the US. They warned me that they had intelligence that the individual responsible was someone high up in the government so I was in grave danger because they had a lot of resources.
I figured I had a few days to collect my stuff and go into hiding so I went to bed without thought. When I woke up I rolled over in bed to find a dead body with skin peeling off from rot, and hundreds of red welts and ulcers all over the naked decomposing body.

In real life I leaped out of bed throwing the blankets on the floor and yelled. It was only 2:30 in the morning.

Dream 2:
I’m in an old living room with ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (who my brain invented an image for). She is boring me by studying some English literary book, and her boyfriend is pissing me off by acting like he is really into what she is studying but it is obvious that he isn’t. I mention to my friend Tony, an old friend from high school, that we need to start packing for the hike tomorrow. The hike will be 29 miles through the Cascade Mountains. This peaks the ex’s interest and she starts asking me a lot of questions but I don’t answer many of them because I am pissed that she brought her boyfriend with her to my place and while there at my place all she is doing is reading some extremely boring English book.

The next day Tony and I go hiking. The terrain is unbelievably gorgeous with tall pines and redwood trees all around.

This is where the dream gets strange. At some point on the hike we come to a field. In the center of the field is a pond that seems to be growing bigger and bigger as we look at it. Soon enough we realize that there are aliens around that are using technology that far surpasses ours to direct comets toward earth. As the comets pass by they leave a trail of ice particles that is then pulled down to earth with their technology and focused into this one little area. On the way to earth the ice melts and gets collected into this pond. The aliens pick up Tony and I and explain to us that they are flooding the planet in order to make it habitable for themselves. I get into a lengthy discussion with one of the aliens about how they should let humans live and progress (I don’t remember actually discussing anything but I do remember the alien I was talking with deciding that I was an okay being and that if there were others like me then the planet could survive). But unfortunately for human beings the alien's boss did not agree and they flooded the Earth. I woke up as I was seeing plains and cities being enveloped with water.

As it turns out these dreams were not good omens for the rest of my day because when I left my house for work in the morning I realized that I locked myself out of my house, without my wallet, bus pass, or phone. It was pouring rain. I had to break back into my house to get my stuff, which required breaking the screen off of a window and climbing up onto the garage roof to get into the window. And to top it off the bus that I catch decided not to come for over 45 minutes (it is supposed to come every 15 minutes) so I was extremely later for work. Not a good start to the day. Now some people might say, “well it can only get better” but in my experience whenever you think things couldn’t get any worse they almost always do, so here I am at work just waiting for something horrible to happen.

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