Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Funny Because It's True

The whole world has gone hilarious on us. Here are three funny things going on in the world:

1. Millions of Muslims are pissed off over a cartoon depiction of their prophet Muhammad. Until now, I thought the only people upset over cartoons were over-protective mothers in rich white neighborhoods. So in response an Iranian newspaper held a contest to have cartoons drawn to make light of the Holocaust. Are they twelve years old, or just really immature? Now an Israeli newspaper has decided to show some humility and requested cartoons drawn by Jews to make fun of Jews, and I think it is a great idea. I only hope that some really good humor comes from this, as well as I hope the violent riots due to a comic pencil sketch ends.

2. Dick Cheney, a gun enthusiast that has always claimed that the correct training and education about guns makes them safe, accidentally shot his friend in the face with a shotgun. Hahahahaha! Oh my God that is classic irony, and when I heard the story I smiled a very big smile. Of course it is pretty terrible that Whittington got shot in the face, but he is alive still and doing well (excluding a minor heart attack suffered in the hospital because a metal pellet was lodged in his heart), so it’s okay to laugh right? Another hilarious aspect of this is that the press was all worked up in a frenzy about not getting the story sooner. Now if I was a reporter I might be a little upset that I didn’t land this little gem of a story myself but I mean, really, who cares whether we learned about this 24 hours after it happened? Still, I do think this administration is far too secretive about everything it does and probably because most of what it is trying to do would not be supported by the majority of Americans. Oh also, the bird he was hunting was a wingless pheasant that was released from the back of a truck. Comedic gold! I hope Dick Cheney is the next president that would give us at least four more years of hilarity.

3. President Bush has cut spending for Family Planning groups. Hilarious! Now we can all laugh really hard when we see hundreds more pregnant teens on Maury Povich. White trash jokes have always been some of my favorites and now we will have more material to work with since there will be many more dead-broke teens living in trailer homes with their kids under Bush’s plan. Even the UK, ie Tony Blair, that does almost whatever Bush wants, has decided to back Planned parenthood with millions of dollars because of how dumb they think President Bush’s policies toward abortion and female rights are. Here is a quick run down of some the hilarious jokes Bush has graciously volunteered for us: Selling off of National Forrest land to help pay for the unjust war in Iraq; destruction of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge in order to get a few more barrels of oil; Education cuts – no child left behind, but all children left at the bottom I guess is the idea there; And, as if we had a huge surplus of money already, he’s gone and advocated further tax cuts. Man they should make Bush the next late night talk show host he is so full of good humor.


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