Monday, December 19, 2005

Nostalgia in Photographs

Here are some photos I put up last night:

From left/top to bottom/right:
1. Chris at the top of Mt. Pilchuck in the Cascade mountains. 2. Amber and I in New York, where did that double chin come from? Am I really that fat, my God I have to get on some diet. 3. Brent, Jim, and I infront of the statue of Stalin in Fremont. 4. Jennifer and Derek at the Gorge in George to see Pearl Jam. And what an incredible show it was also. 5. Brent, me, Derek, Troy, Jim, at the Red Door in Fremont for my going-away party. Sad. 6. My Brother and I standing ontop of the wall surrounding the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. That was an incredible little city and the beachs nearby were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. 7. Me, half naked in the Adriatic Ocean, just outside of the city of Split in Croatia. 8. Marching Isreali troops at the Aushweitz concentration camp in Poland. They marched to the opposit end of the campground to play music and give several speeches to morn the death of all of the Jews, and others killed there and else where during the Holocaust. I put this picture up to remind people of the tradgedy that occured and also to remind people that coming up soon is the Jewish holiday of Hanukka, not just the Christian worship of Santa Claus known as Christmas.

You can see these pictures and more on my Flickr site here.

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