Sunday, October 30, 2005

New To Boston

There are few things in life more relaxing to me than the infinite number of white specks of snow stretching up, seemingly an infinite distance, to the sky. I can sit here at my desk and stare out the window for hours at a time watching all the white flakes fall, conjuring up strange ideas of my life and the world around me. Recently, actually only three days ago, I moved to Boston from Seattle. I finally got my Internet connection set up here at home and I was thinking of something to post and I looked out the window only to find it was snowing. It’s not as if I have never seen snow before but it was not common in Seattle and almost completely absent in California, so I get very excited.

My first night in Boston I went to a birthday party for Ian and his girlfriend who are my friend Ben’s friends. We went to the Cambridge Common and I proceeded to get a little too drunk because I didn’t know anyone there and I felt I needed to be social in order to make some new friends. Needless to say, I don’t really remember anyone’s name anymore. Oh well. The next day I just relaxed and watched comedy shows on HBO in order to get ready for the next night when I would get to see my friend Heather. That night we went to some bar/restaurant to get dinner and a few drinks. Then we went and met up with Ben’s girlfriend at another bar. Before even going out I took several shots of whiskey and then once out I had a few more drinks. It was a lot of fun. There weren’t too many people for me to have to meet so I got a chance to hang out and talk to Heather for a while, which was nice. I am now in my room about to get ready for a Halloween party tonight where I will be wearing a Girls Gone Wild: Cameraman shirt. I’ll also bring my digital camera so hopefully I will have some interesting photos to post tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions for bars or places to visit in the Boston area then I would much appreciate hearing about it.


dundermifflin said...

Interesting strategy for social anonymity. Hope you time in Boston is great - just moved here myself.

Andrew said...

I once heard that if we collected all the photographs from all the Japanese tourists we could have a complete map of the US roadways with special attention to the signs. I really hope that the people featured in my photographs don't mind being shown on my blog but if so please let me know and I will immediately remove them.